Valves types and Actuators

Month Duration Start Date Location Price  
Feb-2020 5 days 02-02-2020 jubail 1300 USD


Valves and Actuators (Operation and Maintenance)

This course is recommended for personnel involved in plant operation and maintenance. Specially new operator.

Course Content

This course will run for 5 days and Participants will receive instruction in:

  • Introduction to petroleum valves
  • Various types of valves

o    Gate, expanding gate, plug, ball, check, double block and bleed, etc.

  • Introduction to actuators

o    Basic actuators and actuator operation

o    Sizing actuators (overview)

o    Basic mechanical operation

o    Control components and configurations

o    Maintaining actuators safely

  • Slab gate valve disassembly, assembly, and maintenance review
  • Expanding gate valve maintenance review
  • Valve maintenance

o    Valve types and functioning

o    Field lubricants

o    Maintenance

o    Packing

o    Sealants