Gas Dehydration Technology

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Gas Dehydration Technology

Course Objectives

At the end of this Course the participant will be able to:

S State four major reasons for removing water from gas distribution systems.

S Using the correct graph and given the gas conditions of pressure and temperature, calculate the water content of the gas.

S List the 3 requirements for hydrate formation and describe how hydrates are produced and the dangers of hydrate formation.

S State hydrate removal / prevention methods.

S Identify 3 types of glycol used in industry.

S Explain the absorption and adsorption process.

S Describe the process of absorption by glycol contacting.

S Describe the process of adsorption by solid desiccant .

S State the 3 impurities removed in the glycol regeneration system and explain their method of removal within the system.

S Describe the function, principle of operation and component parts of the glycol contactor and regeneration process.

S Identify and describe the operation of all instrument control loops within the glycol contactor and regeneration process.

S Describe the normal operating parameters of level, pressure, temperature and flow within glycol contactor and regeneration process.

S Describe and list routine checks and tasks on the equipment.

S Explain actions required to remedy specific equipment problems.

Course Content

S Introduction To Gas Dehydration

S Fundamentals of dehydration ( absorption & adsorption )

S TEG circulation ( Main equipment & Process description )

S TEG Unit Operation & Troubleshooting .

S Mole.Seive Towers ( Construction & Principles )

S Mole . Seive unit Operation

S Solid & Liquid desiccants Comparison .