Hazop study & PHA leader exam

Month Duration Start Date Location Price  
Mar-2020 5 days 23-03-2020 london 2700 USD

Hazop & PHA leader exam

By end of this course all attendance will be eligible to  take Hazop & PHA leader exam in order to certified as PHA leader license .This course will be held for 5 working days and will cover :

What is a HAZOP?
Why is a HAZOP Carried Out ?
When is a HAZOP Carried Out ?
Introduction to the HAZOP Study Procedure
How are HAZOPs Done ?
HAZOP Terminology
Introduction to the HAZOP Approach
Structure of the HAZOP Study Procedure
Company PHA/Safety/PSMP Team Meeting
Identify the Project for the HAZOP Study
Identify the Lead Process Engineer
Select the HAZOP Team Leader (Chairperson)
Define Purpose and Scope of HAZOP
Selecting the HAZOP Team and Defining the Roles
Pre-HAZOP Meeting
Inform Everybody Concerned
HAZOP Study Meeting (HAZOP Review)
Preparing the Actions Report
Taking the HAZOP Actions
HAZOP Close-Out Meeting
Design Safety Audits